BBCO Registration for 2018-19 Season

Membership Type and Dues

The annual budget of the orchestra is about $4,000, or about $100 per member.  Your tuition payment is very important in sustaining the orchstra's operations, but it does not cover  the full cost.  All members need to help raise additional funds by taking part in fundraising activities and/or by making a donation over and above membership tuition.

If you select a pay-by-concert option, the listed fee is per concert.  You will be charged for your first concert immediately, and tuition for subsequent concerts are due before the date of the concert.

If you would like to meet your financial commitment to the orchestra in another way (with BBCO Board approval), please select "Other" as membership type and describe how you'd like to contribute in the notes.  Suggestions are selling ads, donating a raffle or silent auction item, donating copying for bbco programs or flyers, donating flowers for soloists, donating or renting an approved orchestral work.

Name and Address