Committee Assignments – Charles Baker

Membership-Personnel – Chair: Janie Wulff
Need one person from each section (Violins I, Violins II, Violas & Basses, Cellos)
Oversee membership issues: personnel recruitment, transportation, dress. Etc.
Form Nominating committee.
Attend to database, attendance, seating placements.
Prepare personnel list for programs and obtain conductor and soloist bios.
Attend to “Sunshine” issues (illness, deaths, congrats, etc.)
Develop social activities within BBCO.
Make announcements by email or telephone.
Keep alumni list up to date each year.

Finance – Chair: Amanda Hollett
Assist in preparation of Annual Projected Budget prior to first rehearsal of season.
Advise the BBCO Board on financial matters.
Assist Treasurer in collecting Financial Commitments from orchestra members.

Fundraising – Chair: Mary Earnhart
Plan fundraising events.

Music – Chair: Nick McKaig
Need one person from each section (Violins I, Violins II, Violas & Basses, Cellos)
Assist the committee chair with music distribution and issues.
Prepare program page and program notes for concert program booklet.

Public Relations – Chair: Cheryl Boldt
Develop & implement a public relations plan and coordinate any causes chosen by the board.
Develop and distribute flyers and brochures.
Prepare BBCO Information and Acknowledgements page for concert programs.
Notify media, schools, websites, public service announcers, radio, TV, other music groups, retirement homes, etc. of BBCO events.
Oversee BBCO Website.
Photograph BBCO events.
Maintain TCC Bulletin Board (outside of rehearsal room).

Production – Chair: Edna Lowe
Oversee set-up/break-down of rehearsal and performance facilities: unlock/lock, lights, A/C, bathrooms, etc.
Coordinate with concert halls for equipment needed: insurance, chairs, stands, podium, percussion, piano, orch. shell, stage decorations, etc.
Ensure acquisition of security services for concerts
Ensure acquisition of ushers for concerts.
Ensure flowers are provided for soloists.
Help with concert program production – folding, stapling programs, and distribution.

Educational Outreach – Chair: Karalee Poschman
Coordinate the Young Artist Competition.
Develop annual out-reach plan and establish a school contact list.
Work with Public Relations committee in out-reach activities.
Assist in correlating BBCO music appreciation activities with Common Core State Standards.
Collaborate with grant writers in the procurement of funds for outreach.