BBCO Seating Placements

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All BBCO Personnel
Individual seating placement sessions give our conductors a better idea of what each individual is capable of contributing to the orchestra as a whole. Those who choose not to participate at the beginning of each season will be seated at the end of the section, or wherever the conductors feel appropriate. If there is more than one new player from the community who wishes to fill a seat vacancy in the winds of the BBCO, then auditions will be held. Any BBCO member may ask for a seating placement audition at any time.

30 seconds of a selection of your choice unless otherwise indicated.
The most difficult excerpts from music we will be playing should be prepared.

New potential members will be assigned individual sessions between 7:15 and 9:30 on the first Thursday of the new season, or whenever needed.
Others will be individually pulled from regularly scheduled rehearsals.

The Rehearsal Room at TCC or a nearby room.
(Communications & Humanities Wing, Room 165)

A conductor will meet with each person individually.

Seating of players is based on what is best for the orchestra and what is the most fair to members of the community for which the orchestra was established. The BBCO By-Laws define membership priorities for filling seats as follows: “Adults from the community and non-music major college/university students will be given priority over students who have opportunities to play in school organizations. Interested pre-collegiate students and university music majors will be used as needed and approved by the conductor.”